DTE Systems Power Control X (Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost)
DTE Systems Power Control X (Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost)

DTE Systems Power Control X (Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost)

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While a standard “reflash” tune replaces factory settings in the car’s ECU table maps, the DTE Systems Power Control X uses a completely different method. This system takes the signals from various sensors, routes them through the main head unit, modifies them, then sends them through to the ECU. The ECU transmits the standard signals to the engine, which is where the Power Control X intercepts, interprets, processes, optimizes, and then sends them on to the ECU all in real-time. These signals, like the conditioned boost, are precisely tuned for the best performance. In other words, this system takes the factory signals and routes them to the ECU in altered fashion. For instance, if the ECU has a target boost of 20psi, this signal would go through the Power Control X, then come out as 15psi. The ECU would automatically increase boost to hit its original target of 20psi, which means in reality it’s hitting 25psi of boost, thus increasing horsepower and torque.

Equipping your vehicle with this system is pretty simple. You just need to locate the three sensors that are highlighted clearly in the instruction manual (intake manifold pressure, boost pressure, and camshaft sensors). Once you locate the sensors, you simply unplug it, connect the Power Control X harness in it, and connect the original plug on the other end of the wire (Y-shape). While the harness comes clearly labeled to match the instruction manual with a number and the name of the sensor it plugs into, ours was labeled incorrectly. However, the good news is, these plugs can only fit in their correct plug, so you can’t make this mistake even if they do (this is true with the vehicle we tested it on; other applications may be different). The top two sensors (intake manifold pressure sensor and camshaft sensor) were extremely easy to get to, sitting right on top of the engine, while the third sensor is on the left side of the intercooler (boost pressure sensor), so that required removing the under plastics to reach. The only challenge is the fact that they tell you to mount the main control unit somewhere that doesn’t get too hot, but they don’t recommend any specific location. You can use the 10-second rule. After driving the car, touch any area for 10-seconds, if your hand can handle it, then the system should, too. In our case, we mounted it behind the left headlight so it gets first shot at the incoming cool air while being close to the sensor on the left side of the intercooler, and we used zip ties to ensure the harness is away from hot and moving components.

With the DTE Systems Power Control X unit plugged in, you can download their app, which syncs to the main control unit via Bluetooth. While the options on the app are limited, it does give you the convenience of switching between your driving modes right from your phone, otherwise, you’d have to open the hood and use the main control unit to switch between modes (couldn’t be more inconvenient if the phone app didn’t exist). Driving modes include Efficiency, for improving fuel consumption; Dynamic, for a well-balanced long distance driving; and Sport, for maximum performance. Additional modes can be accessed using the +/- signs on the main control unit, which would give you a more aggressive or mild version.

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