DSPORT September 2019 #210
DSPORT September 2019 #210

DSPORT September 2019 #210

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Wise Words from an Industry Icon

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Parts, Products, Gizmos, Gadgets for Every Car Nut



Feat Your Eyes and Enjoy California's Best

Porsche Dreamin'

Brand New Engine for the Cayman and Spyder

Hand-Built with Love

2020 Acura TLX PMC Edition is Here to Impress

Mid-Engine Corvette

The Wait is Over and New Stingray has Arrived



961 WHP S2000

S2k Gets the 1/4-Mile Done in Just Over 8-Seconds

JZA80 Pushing 1,061 WHP

A Rare Quicksilver Toyota Supra Comes to Life


Compression Ratio 101
How to Measure it and Modify it

See The Light
Halogen vs LED: Pros and Cons

Beat the Heat

Removing Rust & Corrosion from Cooling System

WRX Flexin'

91 Octane vs E85 = Wine vs Tequila

Mustang Ecoboost Test & Tune

Intake, Exhaust, and Tune to Bring it to Life

The  Scene

Bangkok International Auto Salon

One of Asia's Biggest Aftermarket Auto Shows

The 2019 Shootout Guide

Everything You Need to Know about the Biggest DSM, EVO, GT-R Gathering in the United States of America

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