DSPORT May 2012 #115

DSPORT May 2012 #115

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Issue #115 May 2012 Double Tech Edition
Poly Bagged FREE with 30x22 Double Poster


Quick Test: Meguiar s New Paint Care - Treating Your New Paint Job Right

·       Meguiar s Ultimate Compound / Meguiar s Ultimate Polish / Meguiar s Hot Rims

·       Fresh paint could make any old car look new again. Not taking the proper steps to care for new paint car result in needing another paint job in the not too distant future. To get some tips on new paint care, we took our Project S15 Silvia to Meguiar s for a treatment.


Code Breakers: AEM Infinity-10 New Tech from the PnP Leader


·       The AEM Infinity-10 EMS puts leading-edge motorsports-technology engine management into a new platform for PnP high-performance enthusiasts.

AITF 2012: BorgWarner S400X Pushing The Limits of Compressor Wheel Design

·       AirWerks S400SX3: 178855 / 179171 / 179174 / 179176 / 179180 / 179182 / 177248 / 177101 / 176806 / 171701 / 171702 / 177287

·       When teams were faced with restrictions on compressor wheel inducer dimensions, they looked for ways of maximizing the performance of a turbocharger with this restriction in place. As it would turn out, this restriction caused a few turbocharger manufacturers to get back to the drawing board.

Clicks N Tricks: Automotive Photography For Gearheads, Part 2

·       Static shots, location, time of day, aperture, composition, angle, lens selection, focal length, exposure, raw/jpg, priority modes

·       In this installment of Automotive Photography for Gearheads, we will discuss the variables, factors and key points that will help you capture the perfect static lead shot.

First Drive: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

·       The 2013 Genesis Coupe is considerably better than its predecessor. To experience the improvements, DSPORT attended the long-lead press event at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada to get some seat time impressions.


First Drive: Fiat 500 Abarth Turbocharging Italy s Contender


·       The first thought that comes to mind at first sight of the Fiat 500 is underpowered econo-box. The idea of performance is one of the furthest thoughts, until you turn the key and hear the turbocharger through the exhaust rumble. This is not the run-of-the-mill Fiat 500, but instead the Fiat 500 Abarth.

Quick Tech: VP Racing Fuels Chemical Romance

·       VP StreetBlaze 100 / VP MS109

·       Race-gas blends allow additional performance to be realized at both standard and elevated boost levels.


Corn Fed Fury: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

·       1,033whp, 709lb-ft

·       The plan for the project was to maintain streetability while aiming for horsepower and quarter-mile records. The use of ethanol-based fuels yielded race-gas-like performance at a lower cost. However, much greater volumes of the renewable fuel most be used in order to produce the desired level of performance.


Wish For Boost: Mishimoto s 2010 Nissan 370Z


·       411whp, 301lb-ft

·       Nissan s 370Z has been the DSPORT Top Choice RWD platform for three years in a row for a reason, it s simply been the best in its class. In hopes of perfecting a class-leading machine, Mishimoto purchased this 2010 model for research and development.


Shop Tour JDM Edition: Kansai Service

·       Operating as a full-service maintenance, repair and tuning facility for a number of years, Kansai Service has produced a number of legendary builds. Formerly serving as a subsidiary of HKS Co. Ltd., that relationship fostered unprecedented levels of R&D and product testing. CG versions of Kansai Service cars have even appeared in the popular Gran Turismo series racing simulator.


Shop Tour JDM Edition: OS Giken


·       OS Giken (Okazaki Speed Technical Research), known worldwide for its high-performance engine and driveline components, is the lifelong project of performance fanatic Okazaki-san. DSPORT made the trek to Okayama, Japan for an exclusive visit with OS Giken.

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