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DSPORT March 2011 #100

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Issue #100 March 2011

Collector s Edition with FREE Giant 20x30 BorgWarner EFR Turbo Poster Inside


Uncensored: Speedline Racing Concepts: The street racers that shaped the industry.

·       To give you a sense of the scene, Aric Shen and Eric Hsu have provided some first person accounts of some of Speedline Racing Concepts more memorable moments.

§  Compton and the Bug from HELL

§  Shady Street Racing: First rule of street racing ..There are no rules


DSPORT: Past, Present, and Future Uncensored

·       DSPORT is now 100 issues old and while we would normally take advantage of such a moment to complain about ho old we have all gotten , we ll reflect on the past instead


DSPORT Best Moments:

·       On the dyno, strip, or circuit, DSPORT lives to compete. Sometimes we even remember to capture the moment, so here are some photo s of some of our best moments.


DSPORT Industry Q&A Session

·       We ask some questions to numerous pivotal people in our industry and start to pick their brains a little

§  What is your favorite editorial piece from DSPORT Magazine?

§  Which product do you feel had the biggest impact, good or bad on our industry?

§  What event or incident had the biggest influence or impact on the industry?

§  What do you feel is missing from our current industry?

§  What would you like to see from DSPORT in the future?

DSPORT 10 BEST Cover Cars

·       Meet the elite. DPSPORT has assembled the ten best cars to grace the cover of DSPORT Magazine. By way of achievement, technology, innovation and build quality, these machines represent the epitome of import performance.

DSPORT 10 BEST Feature Cars

·       Over the past 99 issues, DSPORT has selected and showcased literally hundreds of cars that meet these criteria, and while we ve made some concessions to decide our top ten, rest assured that this select group doesn t know the meaning of the word concession. Enjoy our top 10 DSPORT feature cars.

DSPORT Index: Cover and Feature Cars List

·       We ve assembled a comprehensive list of every cover and feature car to have appeared in the first 99 issues of DSPORT. The list appears in alphabetical order by make, model, year and then engine code. Use this quick reference to find out which issue of DSPORT your favorite machine appeared in or to find one that you may have missed


The Import Model: Love them or hate them, there s only one guy to blame

·       Let me tell you how the import models came to be

DSPORT Top Ten Favorite Models

·       A look back at ten of DSPORT s best cover models and where they are today

DSPORT Top 10 Products of all time: Dyno Tested

·       A list of what we determine as the best overall products available, period

DSPORT Grades the OEM s

·       We take a look at the past 30 years of performance offerings and make our grade on each company s ability to offer relevant performance vehicles.

DSPORT Index: Dyno tested parts list

·       DSPORT loves the dyno and that s evident every time we strap a car down to one. Here we ve gathered the results from over 230 dyno sessions from our Test and Tune, Quick Test, or D Garage sections. For ease of use, we ve ordered the list by engine manufacturer and family. Choose your application and see what works for you

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