DSPORT July 2010 #091 w DVD #13
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DSPORT July 2010 #091 w DVD #13

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Issue #91 July 2010

Poly Bagged FREE with DSPORT DVD #13



Speed Shop: Crankshaft Harmonic Dampers

·       Aside from the obvious lubrication and cooling needs, an engine also relies on a harmonic damper bolted to the crankshaft in order to provide reliability and longetivity

Learning Curves: Recognizing a race friendly dyno graph

·       Understanding how peak horsepower, the powerband, area under the horsepower curve and the actual shape of the power curve affect performance

Pump Up the Volume: Part III

·       2.4L F24C Big Block 550whp Honda S2000

Quick Test: Innovative Motorsports OT-2

·       Using Apple s iPhone and your vehicle s OBD II port as a gauge, data logger, efficiency meter, dyno, and OBD II Scanner

Quick Test: The art of fixing damaged threads

·       Helicoil, Time-Sert, and Keenserts

Test and Tune: 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX

·       is 400whp possible on pump gas with the factory turbo

·       Tomei Powered Poncam, Retuning Fuel Map on AEM EMS

o   Product Reviews and Dyno Testing

The Ultimate Clutch

·       Things to consider when looking for a clutch

·       Finding the right clutch for our 1000whp Nissan R33 GT-R

o   Tilton Engineering Carbon Clutch

KA24 v SR20: Act IV

·       Port Flow Design readies our KA24DE head

D Garage: Mitsubishi EVO X

·       4B11T Camshaft Tech

·       Camshaft install made easy



First Date with Ariel Marie: A Las Vegas sorority girl who just loves a good house party

·       Stillen s Targa Rally 2009 Nissan GT-R

·       620bhp

·       Nissan GT-R built by Stillen that was the winner of the Modern Class in the Newfoundland Targa Rally.

Daily Driven Turbocharged Honda S2000

·       492whp, 300lb-ft

·       Functional and Clean Honda S2000 with a turbocharged F20C and well thought out performance modifications to make this car a monster on the track yet a reliable daily driver


Orion Sports Marketing 2005 Mitsubishi EVO VIII

·       505whp, 363 lb-ft

·       Track built EVO with a 2.2 Liter long block coupled with a reinforced and sharpened chassis to make showcase the capabilities of Orion Sports Marketing

Scoot s Four Rotor FD 1994 Mazda RX7

·       430whp, 268 lb-ft

·       Mazda FD designed by a former F1 engineer with a custom shaped Tamon Design Wide Body Kit and two additional rotors to add more horsepower to the mix



SpoCom San Mateo 2010

·       Show goers were treated to a sea of Japanese and Euro import performance machines. VIP, time attack, drag, drift, and high performance street cars both old and new flooded the San Mateo County Event Center

·       Full event coverage included with photos

Formula Drift Long Beach

·       Preceding the Long Beach Grand Prix, Formula Drift scorches turns 9, 10, and 11 of the race course in front of the grandstands as 2010 welcomed over 50 drivers competing for one of the 32 elimination spots

·       Full event coverage included with photos

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