DSPORT December 2018 #200
DSPORT December 2018 #200

DSPORT December 2018 #200

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Publisher’s Note

Wise Words from an Industry Icon

Kipp Kington

A Proper Goodbye to an Industry Legend

Staff Blog
Favorite Moment at DSPORT


Increasing Engine's Life


2018 JCCS, Subaru Rally, '19 Jetta Speed Record, '19 Civic Upgrades

SEMA Showcase

The Ultimate Guide to SEMA 2018


Red Demon

Talon Hits 215MPH in 1/4 Mile

Classic Power

1972 1.5JZ Toyota Celica

Breaking the Curse

RX-7 FD Built for Records


Tuning Tech
Porsche Reflash Explained

Brake Tech 201
Part 1: Component's Functions

Track Prep

Getting Ready for Track Day

The Top Best

Best Covers

Our Favorite 15 DSPORT Covers

Best '80s Cars

Best Project Platforms

Best ' 90s Cars

The Golden Era of Imports

The Reflections

Sami Sharaf

DSPORT's OG Editor

Rob Shaw (Photographer)

Right Place - Right Time

Gavin Oliva (Photographer)

Guy from a Little Island

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