DSPORT December 2011 #110 w DVD #22
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DSPORT December 2011 #110 w DVD #22

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Issue #110 December 2011
Poly Bagged FREE with DSPORT DVD #22


Speed Shop: Lithium Ion Batteries

·       Voltphreaks VPH750 / Odyssey PC925 / Lithium Pros L3420R / Braille Battery ML30C

·       Getting the lead out of a vehicle s battery by switching to a Lithium-Ion battery can cut 20-to-40 pounds or more. In addition, they can provide a longer service life that s up to five times longer than a lead-acid battery.

Test & Tune: 2012 Nissan GT-R R35v2 Can It Be Improved With Light Tuning?


·       COBB AccessPORT / HKS Super Hybrid Filter / Greddy 94MM TI Race Exhaust

·       Dyno Testing and our impressions


Test & Tune: 2011 Mitsubishi EVO X GSR Basic Training

·       COBB AccessPORT / COBB Boost Pill / Cosworth Intake / TOMEI POWERED Expreme Ti Exhaust / TOMEI POWERED Titanium Cat Straight Pipe

·       Dyno Testing and our impressions


Test & Tune 2011 Nissan 370Z


·       AEM Induction Cold Air Intake / Motordyne M370 Manifold / UpREV Osiris Tuner

·       Dyno Testing and our impressions


First Date: Melissa Fisher

·       New to the import modeling scene but has played her cards well in other arenas. As a World Poker Tour Royal Flush girl, Melissa has traveled to Paris and other locations far and wide, but she s just as content to spend Sunday morning at home with a beer in hand and a football game on the tube.


COVER: A Phoenix Reborn: 2011 Subaru Impreza STi


·       559whp, 496 lb-ft

·       When one puts his passion into a build and genuinely loves the platform, parting ways is tough, as nothing else ever seems to measure up.

Heavy Hitter: Jotech Racing s E85 2009 Nissan GT-R

·       948whp, 923 lb-ft

·       The temptation to modify turns seemingly innocent bolt ons into full-tilt engine builds. After clocking over 10,000 miles on the GT-R in stock form, Jotech Racing s Kenny Tran prepped the VR38DETT engine for serious power production.

Legend Unleashed: 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R


·       732whp, 525 lbs-ft

·       When the R32 was released in Japan in 1989, it set a new standard that surpassed all its peers. The high-revving, twin-turbocharged RB26DETT engine coupled with an all-wheel driveline blew the doors off of the competition in both Japanese and Australian racing series.


Chronic EVO: 2003 Mitsubishi EVO VIII GSR

·       718whp, 586 lb-ft

·       Dan Stockmar s vision for his Evolution VIII has been constantly morphing, as his need for change pushes him to continue making modifications. Stockmar had owned a second-gen Eclipse GS-T until 2005 when the engine let go. A ride in his friend s EVO drew his interest and a test drive got him hooked.


Everyday Supercar: 2000 Honda S2000


·       605whp, 419 lb-ft

·       Pang Cheung s AP1 S2000 he set his mind on creating the cleanest S2000 with the power to back it up.


HARD C.O.R.R.: 2011 V8 Nissan 370Z


·       589whp, 471lb-ft

·       Chris Forsberg s 370Z was opted not to have a popular Chevrolet LS engine. Instead, a spec-racing NISMO VK56 engine was used from the now-defunct Championship Off Road Racing.


Formula D: Final Fight

·       Exciting. Unpredictable. Unprecedented. A sold-out crowd of over 15,000 frothing fans packed the stadium with energy and enthusiasm, as Formula D pro drivers filled this asphalt battle ground with burnt rubber and tire smoke.


SPOCOM Activate Tour: Crossing The Pacific To The Aloha State


·       Occupying the Exhibition Hall at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, the show featured over 100 of the hottest street, show, and racecars on the island.


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