DSPORT August 2011 #105 w/ EBG

DSPORT August 2011 #105 w/ EBG

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Issue #105 August 2011

Poly Bagged FREE with 68 page Engine Blueprint Guide


The All Engine Tech Issue:

·       The Most Complete and Comprehensive Collection of Engine Tech Ever


Taking the engineer s approach to problem solving:

·       In this overview on engine design, we ll layout some of the techniques that we ve successfully used in the past to build proven performers

Engine Block Tech 101:

·       The engine block serves as the foundation for the entire engine, its primary purpose is to establish a home for both the cylinders and rotating assembly. It is also critical in serving as the main container of the engine s coolant and lubrication passages

Rotating Assembly:

·       We explain the hell that the rotating assembly endures and the necessary precautions that must be made when upgrading your system.


·       The purpose served by bearings is critical to the longevity of your engine, the right bearings in the right block at the right clearances will deliver maximum performance and service life in the engine.


·       Metal, liquid, or composite, the main function of any gasket is the same: seal the deal. Depending on the pressures to be contained, the flatness of the mating surfaces and the fluid being transferred there s an ideal material and design of the gasket.


·       Factor in the additional stresses and loads from doubling or tripling the cylinder pressures and its easy to see that the critical fasteners in a performance engine don t have a easy life.

Cylinder Head:

·       Like the cylinder block, the cylinder head is also responsible for holding a number of other components, namely the Valvetrain.


·       The camshaft and its complimentary Valvetrain establish the powerband of the engine more than any other internal components of the engine.

Intake Manifold:

·       An engine s intake manifold is the manager of airflow to each of the cylinders, an ideal air flow manager not only makes sure each member has an equal amount of work, it also ensures that the team starts work and finishes at the desired times.


·       Overall, performance can definitely be moving up when the right strategy is employed to get the exhaust moving out.

Titanium Tech:

·       Titanium alloys are particularly desirable in automotive racing because of their lightweight, high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Titanium features the strength of steel with the lightweight of aluminum.


·       Specialized coatings and treatments can be used to increase performance and reliability from your engine and the components it contains.


·       Oil serves as an essential role in the performance and operation of the engine. Oil is responsible for lubricating, cooling, and removing contaminants for nearly all moving parts.


·       Less than 40 percent of the heat generated through combustion gets turned into horsepower. Over 60 percent of the heat from the combustion of the air and fuel gets rejected out your exhaust pipe and through your vehicles cooling system.

Data Acquisition:

·       Typical gauges cover basic information such as fuel level, coolant temperature range, and engine and vehicle speed. High performance vehicles go a step further to include additional gauges that can inform the driver of more specific and critical engine activities.

·       Fuels: What you feed your engine determines its ultimate performance; the nutritional performance needs of an engine are influenced by a number of factors.


·       Thousands of dollars spent planning and preparing the ultimate engine can disappear quickly if your engine tuner lacks the experience and knowledge to tune properly.


D Garage Civic:

·       A streetable 10.1-second boosted B16 project EG

Building the ultimate streetcar:

·       The quest to build the perfect EVO



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