DRAG Sport July 2003 #007
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DRAG Sport July 2003 #007

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New Products
More Power, More Performance, More Fun

Rumors, News and Lies from the Industry

Model Interview
Linda Tran: From Vegas with Luck

Race Tech

Seven Performance Sins
How to Prevent Sending your Engine to Hell

Strange Brew
Octane, Knock, Burn Rate of the Perfect Fuel

Cover Car
The World's Fastest All Motor


Turbo Tweaks Part II
Down on Power Paulson- Dyno Now, Cry Later

The Scene

IDRC San Antonio
Records Fall in the Lone Start State

NDRA Dallas
Race, Show, Foam and Glow Bring Smiles to Texas

NHRA Moroso
Imports Wage War in South Florida

The Northeast Kicks off the 2003 Season

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