DSPORT June 2018 #194

DSPORT June 2018 #194

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Publisher’s Note

Wise Words from an Industry Icon

Staff Blog
One Car Make for Life

DSPORT Hall Of Fame

John Morton: Placing Datsun/Nissan on the Map


Rich and Lean Air/Fuel Mixture


Supra's Return, 50 Years of Subaru, CP-Carrillo's Celebration, Type-R in Time Attack

New Products
Parts, Products, Gizmos and Gadgets for Every Car Nut


Body and Soul

RX-7 FD with a 2JZ Engine

Sugar and Spice

1978 Civic with a B18C1


LA Sleeve's BRZ Part 3
Reaching the 500whp Goal

Live-Data from Anywhere
Racepak's Vantage CL1

Link ECU G4+

With VE, Flex-Fuel, CAN, and Autotuning

Don't Get Caught

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

The Scene

F2 Spring Subie Meet

DSPORT Magazine & Function+Form

CUV with No Limits

Driving Toyota's C-HR "R-Tuned"

Drag-Strip Battlefield

TX2K18 Returns for a Day of Racing

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